Accessing your Workspace in Flowz Portal

How to access your Workspace



Click on My Workspace on the top dashboard/menu area.

You can also access the My Workspace from the customer landing page.


You will be able to view the available Services as a default.

On the top left-hand corner - you will see Services & Software.


On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the Departments section.

This section has been created as a way of helping our customers determine a list of available services within each department ie Back Office Support includes:  ECommerce Store Management, Data Entry, and Order Management.


Also, we have provided a glance at possible services/software for each industry.  You are not limited to only those services/software - this is merely a quick overview of what could be useful in that particular industry.


You can select multiple options from either the Department and/or Industries section - and the system will generate a more detailed list.


Deselect the options and the system will revert to the entire list of services.