Account Management and Settings

Under the Name associated with the login (top right-hand corner) - you will be able to select the Account Settings menu item.


You can also access these details through the main customer landing page, under the Billings & Settings area.


You will be able to change/edit a few items under the Account Settings menu:  Settings (Profile and Password Change), User Groups, Billing Details, Invoices.

Under the Settings menu item:

You will be able to change your First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number - however, the email will be locked and cannot be edited.  Click on Save Changes to change any of the details above.


Password Change section:

You will be able to specify your current password and new password/Repeat New Password.  Click on Save Changes for the new password take effect.


User Groups:


This will allow you to add users to be able to use the Flowz Services and Software - as authorized by your subscription.  


Click on Add New User:

You will need to specify the First Name/Last Name/Email

There is a checklist of available options for this user - as the primary holder on the account, you will be able to authorize additional users to have specific access - select as required. 

Once the list is complete of the required access for this new user,

Click on the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

You will be able to view the users on the list under the Users in your group section.