Billing -Payment Records - Invoices

To access your billing details:


Under the Name associated with the login (top right-hand corner) - you will be able to select the Account Settings menu item.


You can also access these details through the main customer landing page, under the Billings & Settings area.



You will be able to view your Current Subscription Plan.

By selecting the Upgrade button - you will be able to upgrade to the next available subscription.


Payment Methods:


This section outlines the details for your payment methods (ie Visa)

To add an alternative payment method - click on the +Add button - and it will provide you with details on additional forms of payment - and required information.


Once you have updated the details, click on ADD.

Invoices Section:


This will list all the invoices on your account.  You can search for a specific invoice by using the Type to the Search area.  Click on the Invoice section to the right of the details, to view the Invoice.