Creating A Public Channel In Your Flowz Messaging

Log in to the Flowz Portal and select,  My Workspace.


Click on Software and select the Messaging Icon.


 Public Channels:


This is a public messaging system – and it will allow any user to request to join a conversation if it is created within this section.   You do not need to be an invited member, you can request to join.


Click on + sign to view the details.





Channel Name:  Give the title for the Discussion (ie Sales Team).


Topic: provide details for the topic of this discussion (ie Weekly Sales Meeting)


You have an option to make this messaging (Channel) private – select the box accordingly.


Features (always listed in the channel list) will allow other users to view these discussions (and have access to join these open discussions).


Add Members:

Select from the drop-down menu.  These members would have been added through the Admin Section of the portal.


Click Create at the bottom of the screen.




Your new Public Channel for conversation will appear. 

You are able to type any details in the Write a message screen (at the bottom of the page) and it will appear on the top portion (as other members are online and able to discuss openly).