How to manage scripts of a Call Center?

To manage scripts of a call center settings, follow the steps given below:


1. Click SUBMIT A REQUEST in the Main Menu.

The SUBMIT A REQUEST page will be displayed.


The SETUP page will be displayed.

3. Click in the row of the Call Center for which you wish to manage the scripts.

4. Select the script type from the Script Type drop down list and enter the script for the selected script type text in the Script Text field.


    • To add another script, click .
    • To delete a script, click .

5. To view existings scripts, click Show Existing Scripts.

All the existing scripts will be displayed.

6. To edit a script, click and then click Edit from the drop down menu.

The Edit dialog will be displayed.

7. Edit the script and click Save.

8. To delete a script, click and then click Delete from the drop down menu.

9. Click Next.

The Confirm Scripts page will be displayed.

10. In this step you can select scripts from the available scripts. To select a script, click the script in the Available Scripts section and then click . The selected script will appear under Selected Scripts section.

11. To change the order of the scripts, click the script in the Selected Scripts section and click to send it up the order / click to send it down the order. 

12. Click Next.

The Launch page will be displayed.

13. Review all the fields and click Done.