How to submit a Video Editing Request?

To submit video editing request, follow the steps given below:


1. Click SUBMIT A REQUEST in the Main Menu.

The SUBMIT A REQUEST page will be displayed.


The SUBMIT A VIDEO EDITING REQUEST page will be displayed.

3. Enter / Select the required values for the fields. Refer to the table below for field names, descriptions, and example values:

Note: All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.




Example Value

Job Name

Refers to the name of the job / request being submitted


Deadline for the first draft

Refers to the date on which you want the first draft to submitted


Deadline for the final draft

Refers to the date on which you want the final draft to submitted


Video resolution should be delivered in?

Refers to the recommended or required resolution of the final video file


Provide video links with text design

Refers to the 



Refers to the instructions or directions or requirements related to the request


Copy paste links of video editing style

Refers to the URLs containing sample designs or preferred designs of the editing style you require for the video. YouTube links are preferred.


Editing Do’s and Don’ts

Refers to the DOs and DON’Ts related to content that you want the editor to follow while crafting the script for the video


Video Script

Refers to the script that you wish to be used in the video


Raw footage link

Refers to the URL containing the raw footage of the video


Provide text for graphics you require

Refers to the text that you want to be used for the graphics in the video


Who is your target market for this video

Refers to the target audience who will be watching the edited video


How should the video be delivered?

Refers to the formats / ways in which you wish the edited video to be delivered

YouTube,  MP4 via DropBox


4. Click CONFIRM.

The JOB DETAIL page will be displayed. This page allows you to edit the job details and upload any related files.

5. To upload a file, drag and drop the required file into the box OR click Choose files.

The Open dialog will be displayed.

6. Select the required file and click Open.

The selected file will be uploaded.

7. To upload an image from the stock image library, click Stock Image Library.

The Stock Image Library dialog will be displayed.

8. Search and click the required image(s) and then click Upload.

The selected image file(s) will be uploaded.