Setting Up your Flowz Meeting

Video Conference Screen



Provide a Meeting Name and Click on Schedule a New Meeting


  1. Name of Meeting will appear
  2.  Private button – default is Public Meeting toggle to activate
  3. Access code (Generate an optional meeting access code)– select this feature if you will require users to input a code in order to join the meeting
  4. Select a Start Date, and Meeting Time, as well as time zone, Select an End Date
  5. Select the duration of your meeting (select from the drop-down menu)



Additional Features

(a)   Mute users when they join – select if you wish all users to. Begin the call on the mute feature

(b)  Require Moderator approval before joining – similar to the meeting access code – it will require the moderator to allow users to join (without the access code)

(c)   Allow any user to start this meeting – allows the meeting to get started without the Host

(d)  All users join as Moderators – provides the same level of access to all participants

(e)   Automatically join me into the Room – begins the call immediately.



Join Link

The meeting link will appear in this section, once it has been created.


Invite Attendees

The Invite attendees area allows participants to be invited.  Type the email addresses and click the Add button, continue this process for all subsequent invitees.



Once you have added a user, their details will appear below on the list.  To remove a user, click on the Trashcan icon.



Click OK to create the meeting.