Submitting and Managing your Requests

Click on My Workspace on the top dashboard/menu area.

You can also access the My Workspace from the customer landing page.



Click on the service you wish to use - ie Graphic & Design.

A form will prompt you for the details - provide as much information as possible.


Click on the Submit Request to submit your work order.


Once you submit your request - you will see a notification in your portal.


My Request Menu



This is view access only - you are not able to move files from one vertical to another - this is done by the system.


You will be able to view in a kanban view:


New - Outlines any files submitted for completion.

In Progress - Outlines any files that are currently being worked on

Ready for Review - our team has completed your file - and has placed it in Ready for Review - for your feedback

Revisions - Outlines any files that you (as the customer) has returned to our team for them to revise the file

Approved - Outlines any files that you (as the customer) has approved.

(*** this is the location of where you will find your completed files ***)

Archive - The system will archive jobs after a specified time.



By selecting the Reports - you will be able to see the following:


Total Allocated Hours: Subscription Hours

Total Consumed Hours: Number of Hours Used

Total Remaining Hours: Number of hours remaining


The bottom of the screen will show all of the files submitted (Last 50 jobs will be visible) 


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